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Itaki Kitchen Bundle

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The Itaki® Kitchen Bundle


  • x1 Itaki PRO (Choice of color below)

  • x1 Itaki JUMBO ($80 Value)

  • x1 Itaki Shabuki Pot & Steamer($75 Value)

  • x2 FREE Japanese Lunch Bags ($30 Value)

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  • FREE 30-Day Returns

  • FREE 5 Year Warranty

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Itaki JUMBO Bundle

Saves $80 + FREE Gift

Sale Off
The Itaki® JUMBO Bundle


  • x1 Itaki PRO(Choice of color below)

  • x1 Itaki JUMBO

  • FREE Japanese Lunch Bag ($15 Value Gift)

  • FREE 5-7 Day USPS Shipping

  • FREE 30-Day Returns

  • FREE 5 Year Warranty

Ships Today, Finish order in next 2 hours

Why Itaki?

  • Cooks Meals In Under 10 Minutes – Perfectly cooked meals without the wait

  • Saves Hours Of Prep – No more meal prep. No more dishes!

  • Prevents Snacking – Enjoy whole meals that fill you up for the entire day 

  • Steams Food To Perfection – Tasty meals without any extra butter, fat, or grease

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Why You'll Love The Itaki PRO

Happier, Healthier, Tastier.

Saves Thousands In Takeout

100+ Meals In a Pot.

It's time to put down DoorDash and start enjoying tasty, affordable meals. Cook childhood favorites or their grown up counterparts with the Itaki PRO.

Declutters Dishes

1 Less Chore After A Long Day.

Never deal with a mountain of dirty dishes again! The Itaki PRO stores, steams, & cooks – All in one.

It's the go-to machine for all your cooking needs.

Why Itaki Is #1

Hot Delicious Meals On The Go.

The #1 rated portable meal cooker

Pop a squat & eat anywhere you'd like. The Itaki PRO is perfect for lunch breaks at your desk or fresh on-the-go meals.

Cooks Tasty Meals All By Itself

Perfectly Cooked, Every Time

Imagine being able to cook delicious dishes, tasty soups, and healthy meals without stepping foot in the kitchen. 

Every dish you make comes out cooked to perfection. All that’s left is to dig in & enjoy the foods you love!

No More Sacrificing Your Health

High-Quality Meals. Anywhere, Anytime

Packing lunches just got a whole lot easier. The Itaki PRO is perfect for packing healthy ingredients that you can turn into a healthy meal in under 20 minutes.

Enjoy chef-grade meals cooked right at your desk.

How To Use The Itaki Pro

Our 1, 2, 3 Guide.

1. Pop & Toss

Pop open the lid & toss your raw ingredients into the metal bowl. Make sure to fill the base of your Itaki Pro with 2 cups of water.

2. Seal & Cook

Put the top on you Itaki and use the 2 side clamps to seal everything in. Tap the Cook button on the front side & you're all set.

3. Enjoy!

Depending on your meal, it will take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to finish. When it's done, you'll have a hot and ready delicious meal!

Meals From All Over The World

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