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** Important Notice **

Counterfeit Warning

It has recently been brought to our attention that several customers have complained of being baited by counterfeit Ads/Listings and scammed by 3rd party sellers on Amazon and Ebay with faulty/fake and dangerous counterfeit imitations with fake ratings.

Please ensure you are getting an Official Itaki®Co certified product from our Official Site, or an authorized distributor product with the Official 'itaki' Logo. Knock-offs have become a problem for many new innovations and hampers on intellectual progress as well as creating serious safety concerns. 'Bait and Switch' tactics are common and Customers have also testified to the use of fake review tactics of unsafe products on platforms we do not sell on. If you notice a counterfeit, please report it here. ItakiCo is taking firm legal action to ensure both our Customers and our IP is protected. We appreciate your support!

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