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“This is seriously useful, and breakfasts are now fun and enjoyable. The kids like helping out because of how cool the concept is!”
– Gina. P - Morning Chef Station

Breakfast time can be hectic, but it doesn't have to be! This 3-1 cooking station includes a built-in Grill, Toaster and a Coffee Maker. The perfect go-to solution for a full breakfast for an entire household!

  • 3-1 Design: Imagine a mini breakfast set that Grills, Toasts and makes your Morning Coffee!
  • Convenience: Save precious time in the morning by multi-tasking all in one go!
  • Portable: Very lightweight, the entire station can be carried as a single device, perfect for work and travels!
  • Compact Design: The Mini Grill can accomodate over 9L in capacity of food, but takes up less than a foot of space!
  • Timers: All devices come with timers and full features one would find on a regular stove, oven, grill and coffee maker!

Oven capacity: 9L
Oven power: 600W
Product size: 45*18*19cm
Coffee machine power: 450W
Product weight: about 4.6kg

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