Dish Rack
Dish Rack Dish Rack Dish Rack Dish Rack Dish Rack
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“Great bamboo quality, smooth furnishing touch and water resistant. Looks incredibly modern, we love it!”
–David K. 

A Limited Edition Mokutake Japanese Style dishrack offered by Itaki made of rare wild Golden Timber Bamboo.

The dishrack not only has a smooth finishing, it also serves as the perfect oriental decor for the Modern Home!

  • Quality Material: 100% organic and Eco-Friendly, Hand-crafted from Golden Timber Bamboo
  • Quality Finishing: Crafted with expertise and care. Full exterior furnishing 
  • Versatile: Can be used as dish rack, drying rack and hold multiple items
  • Healthy: 


Material: Bamboo
Weight: 100/200g
Feather: Storage
Size: 14*11.5*9.8cm/30*11.5*9.8cm

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4.7 / 5 Customer Rating