Itaki® Jumbo
Itaki® Jumbo Itaki® Jumbo Itaki® Jumbo Lunch Box Itaki® Jumbo
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“I fell in love with the Itaki concept, and this one is perfect for larger meals on the go!”
–Nina T. - Itaki® Jumbo

Itaki® is the revolutionary lunchbox that cooks for you! 

The Itaki® Jumbo is the original triple/quadraple decker lunchbox that takes self-cooking lunches to the extreme!

  • Features 3 decker compartments that can accomodate 3-4 layers!
  • Cook anything from scratch, from leftovers, to fresh ingredients in as little as 30 mins, wherever, whenever you want!
  • On the go cooking in the office, classroom or even your car (vehicles with outlets), anywhere there's a power outlet!
  • Itaki Jumbo can be set to turn-off by itself as soon as it's done cooking, ideal for multi-taskers!
  • Bento-Styled: Compartment design allows you to cook multiple dishes with stacked containers, a full meal in one!
  • Healthy: BPA-Free! Steaming is the most nutritious and healthiest option. Drop the junk food lunches. Encourages safe and healthy eating!

Material: Stainless Steel + Food-Grade (PP)
Capacity: 1.1-1.7L
Size: 23 x 18cm (9” x 7”)
Voltage: 110V & 220V (Specialized Plugs or Universal Adaptors Provided)

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