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Frying Pan Frying Pan PanChef Mini PanChef Mini
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Craving homecooked classics like scrambled eggs and steak away from home?

Introducing the original mini portable frying pan that cooks! It's as easy as plugging it in, and voila, have a homecooked meal anywhere!

  • Compact Design: Very light and compact, fits anywhere, perfect for travels!
  • Cook anything from scratch, from leftovers, to fresh ingredients in as little as 30 mins, wherever, whenever you want!
  • On the go cooking in the office, classroom, or even your car (vehicles with outlets), anywhere there's a power outlet!
  • Stick-Free: Stick-free surface allows you to enjoy a mess free meal!
  • Versatile: Portable cooking doesn't always have to be soggy, treat yourself to something freshly stir-fried or nicely seared!

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