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FlameCape Fire BlanketFlameCape Fire BlanketFlameCape Fire Blanket


Imagine the freedom of being able to go anywhere and cook your favorite food without any limitations!


Cook anything

From scratch, from leftovers, to fresh ingredients in as little as 30 mins, wherever, whenever you want!

On the go cooking

In the office, classroom, or even your car (vehicles with outlets), anywhere there's a power outlet! Noise-free, compact and auto-off function with minimal supervision!


Compartment design allows you to cook multiple dishes with stacked containers, a full meal in one!


Steaming has always been the most nutritious and healthiest option. Drop the junk food lunches!

“A must have in every kitchen! The material is of good quality and we tested it on a small camp fire, really works like it says!”
–Dustin B. FlameCape

Emergencies happen when we least expect them, but did you know that more than 90% of unexpected house and building fires could have been easily contained had the owners been better prepared?

The key is to have the right tools at the right time, and FlameCape fire blankets should be a must in every home where a fire risk exists!

Traditional fire blankets made of polyester or wool have limited use, and can only help reduce small, non-grease fires. FlameCape is made of patented nano fibreglass fabric capable of putting out the toughest of flames regardless of the cause!

Stayed prepared with FlameCape!

  • Quality Material: Made of the highest grade quality fibreglass fabric ensuring fires are put out in seconds!
  • Versatile: Extinguishes all types of fires regardless of cause, including grease, liquid and gas fires!
  • Portable: Keep your towel handy anywhere there's a fire risk! From your kitchen, to bedroom, bathroom or fireplace. 
  • Safety: The ultimate must-have safety gadget, keeps you family safe! Perfect item to teach your kids safe kitchen practices.
  • Healthy: BPA-Free, Eco-Friendly material. Encourages safe and healthy eating!
  • Easy to use: No complex functions or confusing buttons! Simply plug it in, push and grind!


Size (length*width) :

S:39.3×39.3 Inches (1*1m)M:47.2×47.2 Inches (1.2*1.2m)

L:47.2×70.9 Inches (1.2*1.8m) XL: 70.9×70.9 Inches(1.8*1.8m)

XXL: 78.7×78.7 Inches(2*2m)