COVID-19 Special Bulletin

**** COVID-19 Updates ****
PPE/Medical Donations:
** Mask Supplies: Itaki Co is committed to helping communities around the world and will be donating supplies to medical facilities including N95/Equivalent Standard Masks. ItakiCo has already donated over 4000 masks in the United States and Canada alone! If any of our customers have need for certain supplies like masks, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we'd be happy to help. KN95 Masks will currently be provided (where supplies are available) for free to those who urgently need them and as donations to healthcare facilities of your choice. Thank you!
Shipping/Tracking Inquiries:

In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand many customers may have concerns and worries about their packages. We're here to help!

*** For insured and speedy delivery, we've added a new shipping option! We highly recommend using 'Priority Insured Packet' as the quickest and most reliable way to receive your packages during these unpredictable times!

Standard/Free Shipping may be slower/more unpredictable than usual.

Here at Itaki, we'll do our best to ensure your shipment arrives in a timely fashion, but we've had to take more drastic measures in order to ensure packages can still get to our customers!

If you have an urgent request and need to receive your order by a particular date, we advise you to request an upgrade to your shipping option to 'Express' as soon as possible by reaching out to (if the order hasn't shipped yet). If your order has already shipped and you have an urgent request date, please reach out to us and we can re-ship your order again using an Express courier to ensure you receive your package by a particular date. Upgrades for a re-shipment will be at a discounted rate or for free, depending on case-by-case circumstances. Subsequently, the late package from the original shipment will also be free to keep and you will not be required to return it once that arrives.

***Please note it's a difficult time for startup businesses both big and small worldwide, so we would appreciate customers only request this option if you truly have an urgent request/need. We sincerely appreciate your support! We have also implemented measures in place to protect consumers should larger scaled Carrier delays occur, by providing the appropriate support, including free re-shipments, shipping credits and refunds. You can be assured that we have you covered. Your concern is our concern!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!