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“Aside from the pretty lights, it keeps my elderly mum with Alzheimers safe from hurting or burning herself in the kitchen”
–Laryn W. LuxTaps

Light up your faucets at night, and make trips to the sink safer with temperature indicator lights!

LuxTaps is one of a kind Faucet Attachment designed with temperature sensor LED lights! Comes in 3 colors that detect temperature of the water:

Blue - Cold (< 32°C/92°F) Green - Warm (33°C/95°F to 40°C/104°F)

Red - Hot (41°C/11°F to 49°C/120°F) Red Flashing - Very Hot (>50°C/125°F)

  • Temperature Warning System: All of us have been scalded by our taps, but for the disabled, young or elderly, it can be dangerous! LuxTaps adds an extra layer of protection to prevent confusion and reduce the chances of burns and injuries!
  • Beautiful Design: The LED lights are gentle and come in soothing colors, just enough brightness as an extra light source and easy on the eyes!
  • Healthy: BPA-Free, Eco-Friendly material. Encourages safe and healthy eating!
  • Easy Installation: Each LuxTaps comes with an adapter to fit most faucets. Please check your faucet specifications prior to purchase!
  • Serves as Night Light: LuxTaps ensures adaquete vision during trips in the bathroom


Case material: ABS
LED emitting color: Blue, Green & Red
External thread diameter: 23.5 mm
Adapters diameter :23.5 mm
Item size: 32 x 24 mm

Light Color:
Water temperature : ≤32°C, Blue color
Water temperature: 33°C ~ 40°C, Green color
Water temperature : 41°C ~ 45°C, Red color
Water temperature: ≥46°C, Red Light Flash

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