ItakiCo IceBox
ItakiCo IceBox ItakiCo IceBox ItakiCo IceBox ItakiCo IceBox
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“It's surprisingly easy to carry and works very fast. I can make a batch in less than 10 minutes!”
–Jen. A ItakiCo IceBox

ItakiCo IceBox is a portable version of the industrial grade ice makers on the market today, perfect for small shops or everyday use! Ideal for trips!

It creates professional grade ice cubes in as little as 6 minutes, but still retaining portability and ease of everyday use!

  • Portable & Compact: No need for expensive, heavy industrial sized ice makers, this is perfect for everyday use but still works just as well. Weighs only 15lbs!
  • Dual Compability: Comes with a portable plug and a car plug (for 12V AC outlets).
  • Powerful: Creates perfect ice cubes in as little as 6 minutes!
  • Energy-Saving: Uses R600 technology to maximize efficiency and cut power consumption by half! 


Power: 105W
Ice storage capacity: 0.7kg/70
No. of Cubes: 9
Ice shape: Round Ice
Water addition: 2.2L
Session Time: 6-13 minutes
Machine weight: 7kg

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