Electric Kettle with Temperature Meter

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Electric KettleElectric KettleElectric Kettle with Temperature MeterElectric KettleElectric KettleElectric Kettle with Temperature Meter


Imagine the freedom of being able to go anywhere and cook your favorite food without any limitations!


Cook anything

From scratch, from leftovers, to fresh ingredients in as little as 30 mins, wherever, whenever you want!

On the go cooking

In the office, classroom, or even your car (vehicles with outlets), anywhere there's a power outlet! Noise-free, compact and auto-off function with minimal supervision!


Compartment design allows you to cook multiple dishes with stacked containers, a full meal in one!


Steaming has always been the most nutritious and healthiest option. Drop the junk food lunches!

“Neat little Kettle, smaller than it looks. Love the temperature meter feature! I used to burn my mouth all the time!”
– Jasper K. 

Tired of getting scolded touching hot kettles while checking if it's still warm?

Itaki's modern style Electric Kettle features a built-in Temperature Monitor along with a sturdy, chic design!

Add-on up to 3 Modes each come with its own specialized compartment: Meat Grinder Mode, Smoothie Mode and Coffee Grinder Mode!

  • Temperature Monitor: Avoid scalding yourself checking to see if a kettle is still warm! This kettle comes with a built-in thermometor, so you can be sure of the internal temperature!
  • Portable design: Light, compact and very portable!
  • Modern Design: Comes in 5 chic colors with a Modern Design!
  • Quality & Safety: Automatic Off Functions, BPA-Free, Eco-Friendly, high quality 430 Grade Stainless Steel


Rated power: 250W
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Capacity: 600ml
Material: ABS, PC, PP, Electronic components, 430 stainless steel
Dimensions: 23.5x12cm(9.25x4.72in)(approx)