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“A game-changer! I can bring any lunch with me without worrying about spoiling. Small and easy to carry!”
–Alexia Z. ChillyBox Mini

Imagine having your own mini-personalized fridge that you can carry anywhere!

ChillyBox Mini offers just that! 

Choose between 3 different sizes, only a simple plug is required!

Small 4L: Perfect for pop/sodas, fruits, medication and small lunches

Medium 8L: Can accomodate multiple sodas

  • Portable & Compact: Weighs less than 10lbs, fits into backpacks, carry anywhere from the office, to the classroom, or even in your car!
  • Dual Compatibility: Comes with a portable plug and a car plug (for 12V AC outlets).
  • Powerful Dual Function: Keep items as cool as 1°C/33°F or as warmup it up to 65°C/150°F


Material: ABS
Item size: approx.240*175*230MM
Input voltage: 12V
Volume: 4L/10L/20L
Heating temperature: Heating up to about 65°C / 150°F
Refrigeration temperature: Cool to about 1°C/ 33°F

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4.7 / 5 Customer Rating